There Is No Other Champion

No Other Champion

Jonathan and his armor-bearer fought the Philistines. A great victory was won, but where were the other champions?

David slew the giant Goliath and won a great victory. But, where were the other champions?

The 3 Hebrew Children stood strong and were thrown into the furnace. They also won a great victory. 

But, where was Daniel?

There Is No Other Champion

Benaiah faced off a 7’6″ Egyptian, even though it was spear against club, the Egyptian died, and a great victory was won.

But, where were all the good guys with spears? Surely, Benaiah wasn’t all by himself with just a club.

What about Shammah?

He was of David’s Mighty Men, and had the honor of being regarded as one of “The Three,” that had the most renown. 

When the entire Israel army retreated from the Philistines, Shammah faced them alone and won. 

But, where were the other 37 mighty men?

There was another time the Israel army retreated, and one man stood alone, this time it was Eleazar, who fought so long his hand cleaved to the hilt of his sword.

But, where was Shammah at this point?

Over and over again, we see the Bible highlight something that God did through a human being. In every instance, there are others that could have joined in. But, they didn’t.

Does this mean David was a coward because he didn’t stand with Shammah?

Does it mean that Shammah was lazy because he didn’t want to fight with Eleazar?

Do you really think, out of the entire Israeli army, that the armor-bearer was the only one that would have willingly fought (and possibly died) by Jonathan’s side?

I don’t believe it for a minute!

The point I’m trying to make is, as long as we’re on this earth, God will be using people in amazing and mighty ways to accomplish His will. He’s performing miracles for people who take steps of faith.

But, what has He done through you lately?

He can use Shammah, but I wonder what the story would be if Eleazar had decided, “eh… let Shammah do it!”

How many heroes of faith have never done anything heroic because they left it up to other people?

How many people have lived and died comfortably never knowing the fear of the battle, nor the thrill of the victory?

You can’t have one without the other.

You can’t have a miracle without an impossibility. 

You can’t have a healing without an ailment. 

You can’t have victory without a fight.

You can’t have a testimony without a test.

Sure, there are always those who seem to do greater things than us. Benaiah won a fight with two Moabite heroes. He kills a lion in a pit on a snowy day. He defeated an Egyptian giant with only a club. 

And the Bible says about Benaiah, “but he attained not to the first three.”

Good job, Benaiah. Those other guys did better!

But, those other guys weren’t in the pit with the lion.

And they didn’t appear to help out with the two Moabite war heroes. And, they didn’t lend a hand against the Egyptian giant when Benaiah could have really used a spear.

My point is, God uses people for His purpose, to bring the victories He has planned for the moment. And, while there may be people God seems to use more strongly, they aren’t fighting the battle you’re facing. It’s your battle, this time.

You can either run away like everyone else. Or, you can pick up the sword and stand firm.

There are people all throughout Seattle waiting for some heroes to do something heroic. Something no one else has done.

Your friends at work, who else is going to pray for them?

The guy sitting at the next table in the coffee shop, who else is going to invite him to church?

Who else is going to fill the role God called you to?

Nobody but you.

Who else is going to occupy your seat at church today?

Who else is going to sing your praise?

Who else is going to thank Jesus for the mercies and blessing in your life?

Who else is going to stand in the gap for your friends and family?

Who else is going to clap their hands?

Who else is going to dance your dance?

Nobody but you.

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