Does the Bible Still Matter Today?

When the law was given to Moses, thousands of years ago, the rules and regulations for the children of Israel were specifically for their situation and what they were going through. They were instructed through the God-given law to not only please God, but how to survive in their nomadic, desert-wondering state.

Today, the stories are old and the meanings of some words have changed. But the Bible that was given to a nomadic tribe of Israelites is still just as relevant to us living in high-rises and condos in Seattle.

The Bible Is Still Relevant

The Bible is not just an old book, written by men. It’s a book that was inspired by God. A book that includes the doctrine of salvation, words that will inspire, teach, reprove, and instruct in being right with God. It’s profitable to us, just as much now, as it was for them back then.

The Bible Can Make Us More Successful in Life

The Bible is so amazing in it’s overall effect on our lives. It not only instructs us in our relationship with God, but it also instructs us in fulfilling life, even today. Principles found in the word of God are used everyday, re-written in “success” books found on shelves of the most popular book stores.

Pick up a book on success and write down the principles they teach, you’ll find most of them in the Bible. Pick up a book on relationships and you’ll find the ones that matter already written in an old book we call the Bible.

Yes, the language is older. Yes, the words used in the King James version have changed meanings over the years. But when you read the Bible, you’re not just reading literature. You’re reading the very words and thoughts of the only true and living God.

There is something that happens when we read the word of God that can only be described as magical. It inspires us, even if we don’t fully understand the meaning. It teaches us the personality of God. We learn the things He loves, and the things He despises.

The Bible Teaches Us Salvation

Jesus told us to “Search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life.” (John 5:39)

Why did he say it that way?

Jesus, Paul, Peter, and just about every other New Testament writer warned of false doctrine.

When you hear the term “a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” you may be surprised that phrase comes from Scripture, and the warning that men would start teaching salvation and labeling it Christian, but the statutes of that belief wouldn’t be found in the Bible.

That’s why Jesus was saying you think your salvation is in there. But you might be surprised to search the scriptures and not find it. Because after 2,000 years, there are many, many different “faiths” all calling themselves Christian, when the Bible says there is only one faith and only one baptism. (Ephesians 4:5)

Why are there many different ways to be baptized?

You can be dunked, you can be sprinkled, or you can be told it doesn’t matter for salvation. You can be baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; the name of Jesus; or in the name of “going public with your faith.”

Which one is correct if there is only one?

How do you know?

The only way to know is to find it in the scripture. Salvation and eternal life is in there, but there’s too many that have walked the way of the wolves, taking someone’s word for it rather than reading it for themselves.

The Bible is Still Relevant Today

The greatest thing about having the Bible is being able to find ourselves in it.

Have you been baptized? Isn’t it exciting when you can read how Peter and Paul were baptizing people 2,000 years ago the exact same way?!

That’s exciting to me!

When I am filled with the Holy Ghost and speak in tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance; it’s not a normal experience. It’s one that to my earthly mind I could get very freaked out about. I’ve seen people experience it for the first time and I’ve watched the fear as they can’t explain what they are experiencing.

A God experience is a fearful thing.

But it’s amazing to me when I can turn to a page in scripture and read how Peter, John, James, Paul, Silas, and all the other founding fathers of Christianity experienced the same, exact experience.

That’s why the scripture still matters. That’s why it’s still relevant to me.

I can find myself, my faith, and my hope in its pages.

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